CRW 2019
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Columbus Street Terminal Launch & Haul

Columbus Street Terminal is a state-run port terminal, which will require a driver’s license or better yet TWIC card for entry. Without the latter you need to be escorted on the terminal grounds by a person who has a TWIC card. The gravel lot is available for pre- event storage and post event storage through April 20th. The lot is locked with a combination lock. The combination will be available upon request.

You will arrive and pull trailer into gravel lot labeled P on the photograph, you get your boat prepped and mast ready to step. Do not step your rig. When it becomes your turn to launch, you will be notified and escorted onto the terminal. There is plenty of room to prep boat for mast stepping and launching. We have procured a 30’ section of floating dock to allow for a short tie up. You will then return your trailer to the gravel yard or the trailer storage area under the Ravenel Bridge on the Mount Pleasant side.

We are trying to schedule each launch and haul, so we can schedule our crane appropriately. Unfortunately, the crane requires a four-hour minimum, so we will need to consolidate our launch and hauls in order to control the costs of this operation.

Make sure to email us with the following information:

Driver’s License number of who is driving the Boat/Trailer:

Cell Phone number:

Email Address:

Boat Type:

Preferred time to launch:

Preferred time to haul:

The above information can be emailed to

Columbus Street Terminal Launch & Haul